My Neighborhood is Officially Better Than Yours

I was supposed to go sledding on the cliffs across the street from my new apartment with this girl today. Unfortunately, when I tried to buy a sled at my local target the salesman just laughed at me and said they were out. And it's not worth coming to Fort Tryon Park from Brooklyn if there's not a sled involved.

Luckily, I ended up heading into the park by myself and made some friends.

According to a passer-by, the third from the right was supposed to be a full bust with her arms cut off. I missed it!

Look at that little guy!

How amazing is this skull?

Further into the park, I found this guy. That's a flag pole behind him. He was huge!

This smaller guy was standing on the ledge.

His hair was very pretty.

Walking back, I caught the sculptor in the act!

Aaand he made the 2010 Vancouver Olympic symbol. I'm so glad I decided to go in there. It was hot enough to have a picnic on the snow there. These guys will not be around for long!

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