Adventures in Gerrymandering

Gothamist ended up getting their hands on the newly redistricted State Senate and Assembly districts.  While they posted some examples of primo gerrymandering, the district including the neighborhood I grew up in caught me as particularly flagrantly drawn:

I grew up here so it was immediately apparent why this shape was chosen.  Here's a hint.

District 34: The White-People-Who-Live-in-the-Bronx-and-Some-White-People-from-Pelham-So-It's-Not-Too-Obvious-That-We-Literally-Drew-This-District-Based-On-Race-But-Ew-Make-Sure-You-Don't-Include-Mount-Vernon-It's-Kinda-Sketchy-There-If-You-Know-What-I-Mean District.

This is why I just can't get into politics.

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